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We gladly announce this year’s iDent Evolution agenda. 

Our speakers have been to hundreds of conferences, congresses and meetings all over the world, publishing numerous materials in Periodontics, Orthodontics, Digital Aesthetics, Oral Surgery, Implantology, Dental Aesthetics and Endodontics
If you are a professional dentist, most probably you have a strong interest in building up a solid reputation as a highly qualified professional in your community.
Well, we have good news about it. Now you can take a big step ahead in your career.  

You are invited to participate in a unique conference and take advantage of a huge amount of training resources and tools that will help you meet your professional development goals.
That would be great, right? – And best of all, you won’t have to spend a lot of time travelling to many cities or invest a lot of money buying different courses on particular subjects. You’ll have everything you want to learn, at the same place during a single weekend.
Just imagine having some of the most reputed specialists, coming from everywhere in the world and getting together in a three-day conference, eager to share with you all their knowledge and expertise in different specialties of dentistry.
Whether you’re a young professional or even a seasoned specialist, you'll find there lots of valuable and updated information and training. This is not a typical conference. It covers everything from the very basic anatomy to the latest developments in complex surgical procedures, including all the relevant topics in between.
You know that steady and progressive success in your career depends on continuous learning and improvement. 
So, you are not investing “in a conference”. You’re investing in yourself and, as a result, you’ll be able to make a greater contribution to the dental health of many people and enjoy the well-deserved reward.
In addition to formal training available to you at the conference, you’ll be able to share your thoughts, feelings and concerns with hundreds of colleagues in a friendly, non-competitive environment.
At the same time, you’ll reap the benefits of expanding your social and professional network with like-minded colleagues.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Get online and register for this iDent Evolution edition, meet the people there, get the tools you need for taking that big step ahead, because this can change your professional life forever.
P.S: Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Register as soon as you can, before they hang the “SOLD OUT” sign.
Marius Leretter
  • ​Lecturer of UMF Timisoara’s Prosthetics Departament – Faculty of Dental Medicine
  • ​Prosthetics Departament – Faculty of Dental Medicine
Florin Cofar
  • ​NYU College of Dentistry post-graduate and Harvard Business attendee
  • ​Opinion Leader of Ivoclar, MIS and 3shape
Șerban Talpoș
  • ​Assistant Professor of UMF Timisoara’s Maxillo-Facial Surgery Departament
  • ​Member of European Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery Association
Cătălin Voisian
  • First Implantology course in 1996 with Prof. Dr. Dorin Bratu
  • ​Over 10.000 implants inserted
  • Member of ICOI and DGZI 
  • ​Participant of numerous congresses and meetings all over the world 
  • ​since 1997Since 2000 helding live courses
Arnaldo Castellucci
  • ​Visiting Professor of Cagliari’s University of Dentistry since 2015
  • ​General Director of the Italian Magazine of Endodontics and Scientific Director of Endodontic Informer Magazine
  • ​President of Warm Gutta-Percha Study Club and founder of Micro-Endodontics teaching Center, based in Florence, where he teaches and holds theoretical and practical courses in Clinic Endodontics and Microscopic Surgery.
Nazariy Mykhaylyuk
  • ​Owner of Dental Practice Mykhaylyuk, which became the official center of Oral Design International Foundation under the name of Oral Design Center Ukraine
  • ​Teaches courses on prep and dental aesthetics inside his own Courses Center, Mykhaylyuk Study Centerm
Stefano Gennai
  • in 2013 he won the Robinson prestigious award for Periodontal Regeneration of American Periodontics Academy
  • ​co-author of the study that won the Jaccard Award granted by The European Federation of Periodontics, in London 2015 during the International Congress EuroPerio 8.
  • ​Author and co-author of publishments with international and national importance, dedicated mainly to periodontic study and its sistemic implications
Jordi Manauta
  • ​Graduated with cum laude UNITEC, Mexico
  • ​Developed various tools and materials designated for dental aesthetics, but also for dental photography, being in collaboration with international companies.
  • ​Founding Member of StyleItaliano studying group and Member of DSD master group
  • ​Author of Layers (Quintessence 2012) and Documentology
  • ​Author and co-author of numerous publications of International Magazines
Costin Timofte
  • ​Dr. Costin Timofte graduated UMF ‘’Victor Babes’’ Timisoara in 2015
  • ​Currently works at CONFIDENT dental clinic in Timisoara and attended numerous courses around the world
  • ​Dr. Costin Timofte graduated UMF ‘’Victor Babes’’ Timisoara in 2015
  • ​His daily practice is based on prosthetics and esthetic dentistry.
Fabio Gorni
  • Author of ‘’Endodontic Recovery of severly compromised teeth’’ multimedia publishment of MedTutor, published by UTET in 2008
  • ​He is performing implant therapy for over 20 years and is one of the most important experts in decision making that leads to choosing the savable teeth over 2013 he won the Robinson prestigious award for Periodontal Regeneration of American Periodontics Academy
Stefano Inglese
  • Founder of a dental lab in Pescina, Italy
  • ​in 2003 wins the 2nd place of the international competition ‘’Occlusal Compass’’ and 1st place for best scientific photography. He is also an active member of Italian Aesthetic Dental Association
  • Author of ‘’Aesthetic Dental Strategies’’ book published by Quintessence.
Frații Agnini
  • ​Fixed Prosthetics, Periodontics and Implantology specialists
  • ​Alessandro Agnini is an active member of the Italian Prosthetics and Dental Academy
  • ​Andrea Agnini is the author of ‘’Digital Revolution: Learning curve’’ book published by Quintessence
Eugenio Longo
  • Graduated the University of Siena in 2009 with the highest grades and awards.
  • ​Speaker of the Implantology University of Genoa 2018-2019
  • ​Speaker of the Periodontics Master Program in University of Florence, 2018-2020
Florin Bobia
  • Finished a series of post-universal courses in Europe including:
  • One oral surgery and implantology course with prof. univ. Daniel Buser at the Berna University, Switzerland.
  • One intensive course in bone and soft tissues augmentation with dr. Istan Urban from Budapest, Hungary
  • ​He completed a 6 module program exclusively based on soft tissues management at Steigmann Institute, Heidelberg, Germnay
Sergiu Nicola
  • Practice orianted on microscopic dentistry since 2006
  • ​Numerous speakings on endodontics, concentrated mainly on removing separated instruments with minimum-invasive tehniques.
  • ​Special interes for dental photography and endodontic documentation through the microscope
Nicola Discepoli
  • He obtained the ‘’European Federation of Periodontics’’ Council member title in 2011
  • Researcher at the Medical Biotechnology departament, Siena University
  • ​Active Member of the Periodontics and Implantology Italian Society
Pedro Costa Monteiro
  • ​Graduated Dental School of Porto University in 2002
  • ​Master in orthodontics and facial orthopedics at the Superior Institute of Health Sciences 2008
  • ​INVISALIGN Diamond Plus since 2016
  • ​CEO
  • ​SPAD Vicepresident – Portuguese Society of Orthodontics.
Stefano Conti
  • Graduated Dental School of the University of Medicine and Surgery Parma, Italy, in 1989
  • ​Graduated the Master Program in Implantology at UCLA, California, SUA.
  • Lecturer of the Master Program of Implantology in Parma
  • ​Teaching courses every year in Italy, Europe and South America
  • ​Active Member of the Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
  • ​Practicing in his own private clinic in Parma, Italy and Kiev, Ukraine where he concentrated his clinical activity on implant surgery and aesthetics
Silvia Caruso
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